Orlando Flats Fishing the pristine waters of East Central Florida's Space Coast is located just 45 minutes from Orlando International Airport, 60 minutes from Disney and Kissimmee area attractions.  With many fishing charters available in the area mosquito lagoon is a popular destination for inshore fishing. Central Florida has been a tourist destination for many years and fishing the Orlando area has many great opportunities. From trophy bass fishing in area lakes and ponds to the incredible inshore saltwater fishery along the coast. Trophy Redfish in the Indian River Lagoon ,Mosquito Lagoon and Banana River Lagoon can be caught year round. Tarpon also frequent these same waters in the summer months of high water and in local canals throughout Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Larger Tarpon can be caught just off the beach in late summer during the seasonal mullet run some of these fish can reach well over 180 pounds with many over 100 lbs landed all season. Snook are more prominent in areas with a bit more tidal flow than we have in the North Indian River and can be found in good numbers from Cocoa Beach Fishing locations like the Banana River Lagoon.

Near Sebastian Inlet and further south to Fort Pierce and Jupiter Inlets, Trophy Snook can be targeted almost year round. Flounder are also a much sought after gamefish for table fare and can be targeted with great success during the winter months in all inlets and near shore waters. Black Drum often roam the same flats as the redfish during cooler water periods with temperatures comfortable for both fish species.  Large Gator Trout can be caught throughout the entire range of the Indian River Lagoon System, the world record of over 17 lbs came from the area around Fort Pierce Inlet. Many fish over 10 lbs are caught in the Mosquito Lagoon and it's surrounding area waterways Fish in the 2 to 5 lb class are common catches and provide some of the best top water action with great explosive strikes.  Along with the popular game fish the area is known for Jack Crevalle also provide some aggressive strikes on any tackle and are especially fun fly fishing or on light tackle. All Jacks fight like there is no end and can really put your tackle to the test. These fish have a high tolerance for variable water temperatures and salinity. They can often be found in large schools working bait on the surface and will eat almost anything put in their path. When the dinner bell rings it's game on for these hard fighting , line stripping hunters on Central Florida's Atlantic Coast. Lady fish are another unsung fun fish to catch on light tackle and fly fishing. These fish will often take bait fish patterns while fly fishing and small jigs or spoons on light tackle. Often called the "Poor Man's Tarpon" they are some of the most exciting fast paced fish to catch. 

Central Florida's Space Coast is just 45 minutes from the Orlando International Airport and 60 minutes from Disney attractions.  Mosquito Lagoon , Indian River Lagoon and the Banana River Lagoon all contain brackish water, a mix of salt and fresh water. Flushing and or tidal flow is very limited with the nearest inlet located 10 miles north of the refuge. Port Canaveral is just south of the park about 22 miles and is controlled by locks.



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